Please see below a list of Parish Council members, any declarations of interest, contact information and their portfolio brief.

Swallowcliffe Parish Council Clerk

Mr Simon Pritchard

Parish Clerk & Responsible Finance Officer

11, Heathfields Way, Shaftesbury, Dorset SP7 9JZ

Telephone: 07792478960 | Send Message

Mr Barry Fitzpatrick

Flood Warden / Emergency Planning Officer

(Contact Cllr Boothman)

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Swallowcliffe Parish Councillors

Cllr Stephen Banas - Chairman

Portfolio Holder for: Highways Matters - Rep to Wiltshire Council's South West Area Board

Telephone: 07917 362320 | Send Message

Cllr Nigel Cooke

Rep to: South West Wiltshire Community Safety Group

The Barn, Swallowcliffe, Salisbury, SP3 5NU

Telephone: 01747 873005 | Send Message

Cllr Lyndsay Boothman

Flood Warden / Emergency Planning & Litter Management

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Cllr Gerald Blundell

The Village Hall Committee Rep - Local Planning and Development - Fiscal Policy

Telephone: 01747 871261 / 07531 016735 | Send Message

Cllr Patrick Willis

Footpaths / Rights of Way

Martin House, Gigant Street, Swallowcliffe SW17 7SW

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Wiltshire Councillor

Cllr Jose Green

Wiltshire Council is responsible for: Schools, Social Services, Rubbish Collection / Disposal, County Roads, Planning, & Leisure Services.

Cromwell Manor Sutton Mandeville Nr Salisbury Wiltshire SP3 5ND

Telephone: 01722 714645 / 07808 958728 | Send Message